Rainbow colored running fuel. 
Juliana encouraging her little bro in his first race. ❤
I just ran my first race!  A few months ago I could hardly run a quarter of a mile but today I ran two miles in about 24 minutes.  I’m so psyched!  There were people running in the race that had big oxygen tanks on their backs.  That really inspired me.  Another thing that inspired me is that there was a 5 year old in the race that was running really really fast.  Running is my favorite thing.  I will never stop running.  This is my hobby for life.  I’ve got to go eat lunch now.  ~Nicholas  (typed by my mom)
Nicholas getting mind and body ready before running today!  ONE WEEK till raceday!  
From Nicholas …

Hi! My name is Nicholas Mecum and I’m 8 years old.  Thank you for following me and my mom’s tumblr.  I’m looking for stuff to put on my playlist.  Can you please tell me some good songs to put on my ipod?  Thank you!

PS: Today I ran two miles, and I shaved ten minutes off my best time!  Next Sunday is my first race.  Wish me luck!  

Taken with instagram
Running through the Forrest = Joy
So glorious.  Can’t wait for warm nights and running under a full moon.  23 days until spring.  


Runners on Congress by Kevin Gliner on Flickr.

If they weren’t all in running gear, you might think this was a still from a movie where aliens attack the Capitol.

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